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Applying for Funding

There is no application form. Please provide the information in a Word document or similar.


The trust may share the information you provide with potential donors, to increase the possibility of being able to provide funding.


Funding for individuals


Your application should include:

  • What you need the money for
  • Christian background
  • Age, education, Christian ministry and other work (eg, non-Church paid employment)
  • Hopes, ambitions and plans
  • An annual budget, accounting for any spouse, children or other dependents, showing:
    - how much money you need
    - what funds you already have and from where
    - how much you are applying to the trust for and/or your shortfall 
    - how you intend to raise the remaining funds
  • Two references, sent direct by referees to the trustees. Do not send referees' contact details to the trust. Please direct referees to our briefing notes.

Trustees prefer to receive applications which demonstrate that applicants have mostly exhausted their available avenues of support - eg family, friends, churches, individuals among whom they have been involved in ministry, other trusts, personal savings etc.


Funding for projects


Your application should include

  • The rationale for your plans
  • Information about the key individuals involved
  • How you hope the work will develop and at what stage (if any) you hope it to become self-financing
  • Budgets for the next three years and money raised so far. Where the application is from a church, the trustees require a copy of the latest church accounts.

The trustees will also require two references for the main individuals involved in the project. Ideally these should be from people who know both the proposed project and the key individuals involved. Please direct your referees to our briefing notes.


Please direct referees to send references direct to the trust.




The trust gives grants up to £10,000, but rarely provides all the funding for any individual or project; and - because of the nature of the trust’s income - it cannot guarantee funding for more than one year.


Where appropriate, the trustees may express an intention - without commitment - to grant funding for more than one year.

Trustees' Meetings

The trustees meet four times a year to consider applications.
They next meet in November and applications - along with references - received by Thursday 5 November shall be considered at that meeting.
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