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After graduating I chose to do a year of ministry training which has now turned into two. I had to raise support to cover my basic living expenses for each year - around £10k. I had some savings but aimed to raise the whole amount by partnering with people first.


I have nether a Christian family to support me, nor a non-Christian family who are happy to anyway, nor a home church congregation. So I set about raising funds mainly from people at the church where I would be training, where I was already a member.


At the start of each year I wrote letters to people in church outlining what I would be doing, my budget for the year, an illustration of how I would raise that money (I would raise what I need if x people gave me £y per month) and asking them to partner with me in prayer and financially.


I also gave them information in how to support me through a company called Stewardship, so I could collect gift aid if they were a UK tax payer, which helped reach my goal a lot. I applied to trusts to then make up any shortfall.


I was encouraged to see just how willing people are to give to gospel work, and grateful to God in providing all I need.  

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